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Whilst in the water section of a supermarket in Portugal, a group of three girls approached me and asked for my help lifting a heavy bottle down from a high shelf. While I was trying to read the labels of several bottles high up one girl obscured me from seeing her friends steal from my bag, which was in the trolley just behind me. Whilst the minimum legal requirement for car insurance is Third Party Only, the level of cover available doesn’t stop there. The next step up is Third Party Fire and Theft, which provides cover for damage to your car by fire and will also cover you in the event that your car is stolen.

A change in circumstances includes moving jobs, as insurers believe this can affect your risk. You may also save on insurance if you’re in a stable relationship – for instance, living with a partner rather than listed as single. A courtesy car is not available for a total loss claim, where the vehicle is stolen and unrecovered, or for accidents occurring outside the UK.

While tourist havens like Hawaii and North Carolina are famous for being vacation destinations, they’ll not be earning the same level of acclaim as insurance havens as they came in last among the 50 states, plus Washington D.C. They offer lowest number of available discounts. Why do we ask? We will use this information to help us gain an understanding of your experience on, and around, UK roads. Why not have a bit of fun, test your general knowledge and show off in the next pub quiz by taking our quiz while you get an insurance quote.

1 Based on sales from 1st February 2015 to 31st July 2015 of RAC comprehensive car insurance, purchased direct, excluding any additional products and upgrades. Your premium will depend on your circumstances and the level of cover you choose. 10% of respondents between Nov ’14 – Apr ’15 with 2 cars and 2 drivers, who gave a best alternative price saved 204. 17 Caserta Palace and gardens renovations by PhillyFan 2 responses; most recent on Oct 14, 15 at 02:29 PM


Complete the online form.Finally, clients will have to complete an online questionnaire with details about their vehicle and driving experience. The data is necessary for providing accurate auto insurance quotes. Without these essential details, determining car insurance prices would be impossible. Comprehensive – Includes all of the above plus any accidental damage to your own car if you’re involved in an accident

Cover only applies for the policyholder and if shown on the certificate of motor insurance. Cover is Third Party only. Cover to drive another vehicle is usually provided within the standard policy unless it’s specifically excluded by the insurer. Covers damage to the windows, undercarriage, roof, tyres and headlights not otherwise covered by damage waivers from car hire companies Customer feedback updated March 2014. If you’d like to tell us about your claims experience, feedback here For AA members the cover limit is 500 except for portable sat nav equipment where the limit is 250.

The tax hike will add 5 to the average home insurance policy, which has just seen its first price rise in three years. While the average quote for a combined home and contents policy fell by 62p in the second quarter, standalone buildings and contents policies have shown small increases of 1.3% each. The AA expects this upward trend to continue. Flood Re, the new insurance scheme designed to help those at highest risk of flooding obtain affordable insurance – which will be launched next year – is also likely to put pressure on premiums for all homeowners.