myPay Login Instructions – How to Create a myPay Account

4. click site Enter your Social Security Quantity within the area supplied and click the switch that is âGoâ. 5. A brand new screen may start comprising the Personal Keyboard that is myPay. Making use of your mouse about the Digital Keyboard (or perhaps a mixture of the bill key and spacebar in your real key pad), choose the numeric figures of the 8-number temporary code that you simply formerly obtained from myPay. One’s selection’s figures may instantly look bad within the area that is change. Click the orange âBackspaceâ switch to remove the prior personality entered or even the orange âClearâ switch to remove all the figures joined should you create an error. Click the switch after you have joined your code.
6. Browse the Program Concept then click the check-box to accept the conditions and terms, detailing the myPay problems useful and User Agreement and click the âOKâ switch.
7. A brand new screen may start comprising two actions: âStep One: Produce âStep Two and Login IDâ . Find âStep 1: for developing a fresh Login identity Produce Login ID.â Browse The requirements. Making use of your key pad that is real, enter your Login identification within the change area next to the phrases âEstablish Your make sure that your Login identification that is new adjusts towards the specific requirements.
TOUCH: An email address can be utilized like a Login identity. 9. Search down for developing a fresh Code and find âStep 2 Browse The requirements. Utilizing the Digital Keyboard that is myPay, choose the leader, unique figures, and numeric of one’s Code that is fresh. One’s selection’s figures may instantly look bad next to the words make sure that your Code adjusts towards the specific requirements within the change area.
10. Press radio stations button – again choose the numeric of one’s fresh Code and enter Your Passwordâ. One’s selection’s figures may instantly look bad within the change area that is proper. Press the button that is âAccept.
11. You’ll visit a communication confirming that Code and your fresh Login identification have now been proven. Press the âTo proceed, click hereâ switch. NOTICE: it might be since the Login identification that you simply chosen has already been getting used by another participant should you get a concept suggesting that the Login identification and Code modification failed. No two people might have the ID that is same. Merely try again utilizing a Login identity that is various.
12. If myPay has your email address on document, the following display may request you to verify your email address (proceed to Action 13). If doesn’t have your email address on document, you’ll be requested to supply one. Enter your email address in equally click and modify areas the âAccept/Submitâ switch. You’ll be requested to verify the email address you supplied is proper. Click the âYesâ switch if it’s proper. Or even, click enter and the âNoâ switch your email address again.
13. You’ll be requested to approve the email address(es) on document. Click the switch when the info is proper. Next, you’ll be requested to verify the email address(es) you supplied is proper. Click the âYesâ switch if proper. Or even, click the switch that is âNoâ and correct the info appropriately.
14. Once you have verified your email address, a display recognizing that the accreditation hasbeen properly finished will be seen by you. Press the âTo proceed, you and click hereâ switch will be given options’ myPay primary selection.