Car Insurance Open Sunday

If, like many households in the UK, you have more than one car to insure the obvious answer is to opt for a multi-car policy.

Application modernization in the insurance industry has gone far beyond providing quote-and- buy Web access. Web service integration of the core insurance solution with CRM, document management, workflow and other internal systems is crucial. Real-time data exchange with brokers, authorities and other third parties is essential as well. Web extending to policyholders and brokers offers a level of efficiency that can be provided by no other means. And general application modernization, including gradual or partial replacement of legacy code, is on most insurers’ agendas as well. LANSA can be the cornerstone in all these modernization projects.

Applications are invited from motorists aged between 19 and 75 who have held full driving licences for at least 12 months which were issued in the UK (including Northern Ireland), any country of the EEC, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Singapore, Mauritius, The Falkland Inlands and Gibraltar. Sorry, International driving licences can NOT be accepted.


Appointed by Zenith to support both the launch and on-going delivery of Brightbox policies, Wunelli will manage the installation of telematics devices in policyholder’s vehicles, collect and score driving behaviour data and mileage and provide feedback to the driver and broker via a customer dashboard and administration portal. Wunelli has also developed and delivered a claims portal which includes a journey viewer and incident alerts to assist claims handling.

Aptera USA has most of the original company’s prototypes, equipment, patents and designs, so it wouldn’t be starting from scratch. Given that fact, Deringer hopes that Aptera USA could be making cars as early as the first quarter of 2014. He’s currently in the process of hiring engineers, and the company has already put in an order for 1,000 bodies from its Detroit-based supplier.

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Are any of these discounts available to preschool teachers? We also have to have certain teaching credentials and for most of us the pay rate is very low but our hearts are in the right place. I would love to see more companies offer discounts to preschool teachers / educators. Education does not just start in kindergarten anymore…VPK is a prime example! Please extend these great offers to the teachers of our younger students in life also! Thanks!

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